Anger Management

Anger Management Counseling Services

Exceptional Anger Management Counseling Services

Losing your temper too easily can result in losing your loved ones before you know it. If you find it difficult to control your temper, turn to the counselor at Wyoming Institute for Better Living for anger management counseling.

Don't let your anger get the better of you! Get in touch with our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Don Monson, to learn more about our anger management counseling services. We accept most insurance plans.

Helping You Find the Right Way to Deal With Anger

At Wyoming Institute for Better Living, our therapist will not only teach you how to manage anger but also help you find an acceptable way to vent your anger. You'll be glad to know that our anger management therapy is completely medication free.
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Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Don Monson, has been in the counseling business for 35 years.

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