Mood Disorders


Excellent Mood Disorder Counseling Services

The feeling of sadness and hopelessness can have a negative impact on your thought process, emotions, and behavior. Don’t deal with mood disorders alone; come to us. At Wyoming Institute for Better Living, we’ll work on medication-free techniques to help you overcome your mood disorder.

Mental anguish and physical ailments are common symptoms of mood disorders. Our experienced counselor can suggest the right treatment for your mood disorder before it drastically impacts your life. We'll also help you understand the difference between mood disorders and mood swings.

Get Personalized Attention From Our Social Worker

Mood disorders can distance you from your loved ones. Count on our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Don Monson, to provide you with personalized care and attention while dealing with your mood disorder. Schedule your appointment with us today!
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Get in touch with our compassionate counselor to find a medication-free method of dealing with your mood disorder.

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